Research and Development

TGM-TECNOMACHINES s.r.l.’s technical department is dedicated to finding new solutions and developing and implementing new prototypes for machines within our production range.

We constantly monitor market trends and benefit from a profitable exchange of opinions with regards to special needs related to the implementation and improvement of existing machinery or the development of new functions thanks to continuous discussions with the users of tube-filling machines, cartoning machines and bottle and jar filling lines during exhibitions and meetings on such themes, in which we participate on a regular basis.

Inspired by such meetings, the technical department develops each area through market surveys, constantly investing resources designed to optimise the functions of the machines, for example increasing the number of blisters that can be produced per minute or designing filling machines for special products such as mascara or silicon, products with different densities that therefore behave differently.

The research we conduct to improve and enlarge our product range is always conducted with an eye to the environment, as we design and manufacture machines that do not consume oil, we separate and recycle any waste materials and we are always attentive to any form of environmental impact.

TGM-TECNOMACHINES s.r.l.’s designers and technical staff use 3D CAD software to develop and update the company’s product range with the aim of simplifying the use of the machinery and providing our clients with consistently high-performing, flexible and easy-to-use tube-filling machines and cartoning machines.