We have been designing and manufacturing automatic tube-filling machines for filling and capping tubes in aluminium, polyethylene, polyfoil or laminates and alternated or continuous movement automatic cartoning machines for more than 30 years.. Our tube-filling machines can be used to fill standard and special products and packages, such as silicon, mascara, cartridges, dispensers or single-dose cartridges. Our cartoning machines not only carton tubes but also bottles, phials, cartridges, syringes and dispensers.

We can meet the widest range of low, medium and high-volume production needs, supplying single machines or complete filling lines for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries and any clients needing to insert their products into cartons. Production flexibility is our greatest strength, thanks to which we provide our clients with solutions to a wide variety of needs. The high number of users and their constant satisfaction are proof of the quality of TGMTECNOMACHINES s.r.l.’s machines and the excellent after-sales service enjoyed by all of our clients.