Manufacturing of Tube Filling Machines, Cartoning Machines and Bottle and Jar Filling Lines

Our technical office has been dedicated to the design and production of tube-filling machines, cartoning machines and filling lines for more than 30 years. Continuous research and prototyping of our designers result in development of our products so that we continue to perfect and renew the basic models of all our machines year after year.

We say “basic models” because all of the machines can be customised with a number of options; but speed is the main discriminating factor: for example our tube-filling machines vary in the number of tubes or cartons that can be filled per minute.

Production flexibility is the most important added value offered by our machines: easy to use and versatile in their application, thanks to the ease with which one module can be replaced with another: rapid changes in production are possible, in the specific case of tube-filling machines you can quickly switch from filling metal tubes to filling plastic tubes.

Our machines are reliable and guaranteed because they are designed and manufactured in TGMTECNOMACHINES s.r.l.’s laboratories: in addition to guaranteeing the quality of the final product, the inhouse production department also puts TGM-TECNOMACHINES s.r.l. in a position to offer highly competitive prices whilst maintaining high levels of technical performance.

The company only uses top quality materials and this policy combined with the experience acquired over the years make our machines suitable for use in sterile and protected environments, for example for cosmetics and medical products.

The machines are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the rules and regulations currently in force and are marked.